Replica Trip

Regarding Replica’s Trip to Crowsnest Bible Camp this coming weekend, Melissa Cochrane writes:

“As a team, we are very excited for this weekend. It’s a mindset of Replica’s that we are a ministry team first that also does music, not the other way around, and this weekend will be a wonderful mix of both! We have the privilege of being not only the worship team for a youth group retreat of high school students at Crowsnest Pass this weekend, but the college students will also be in cabins leading the youth, and we will have some of the team speaking in the chapel sessions, sharing about discipleship, identity in Christ and growing in faith. This is a great opportunity to represent Millar, and also of Christ and share about the work that He has been doing in all of our lives. With this opportunity comes the need for prayer. As a team, health has been a concern almost the entire semester. We would ask for prayer that God would heal and still be using us despite our physical limitations, and also prayer for safety on the wintery roads of the Prairies (it takes a little over eight hours to travel each way!)”