Explore the Bible – in the Land of the Bible!

Israel TripMillar College of the Bible is going back to Israel in 2016 – Why don’t you come with us? A team of staff, students, alumni and friends travel to Israel every second year to work for three weeks on an archaeological dig. This gives us an opportunity to offer a ten-day tour package of Israel before the dig starts. Anyone interested in the physical, historical and geographical background of the Bible is welcome to join us!

Our primary goal is to talk about biblical stories in the places that they actually happened. We will also have a chance to see aspects of the modern State of Israel and enjoy some of the natural beauty of the Promised Land.

Tour Dates: June 8th to June 19th
Tentative itinerary:
8th Flights depart.
9th Arrival in Jerusalem.
10th Explore ancient Jerusalem (the City of David) and the Old City. See Golgotha and areas around the Temple Mount.
11th See parts of modern Jerusalem and the Israel Museum.
12th Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and Herodium (a palace/fortress/tomb of King Herod).
13th Various sites around the Elah Valley (where David fought Goliath): Lachish, Beth Shemesh, etc.
14th Dead Sea: Masada, En-Gedi.
15th Jordan Valley: Jericho, Beth Shean.
16th Caesarea Maritima, Mt. Carmel, Galilee.
17th Megiddo, Nazareth, Capernaum, etc.
18th Hazor, Dan, Banias (Caesarea Philippi).
19th Return flights for tour members; arrive at the Tel Hazor excavation camp for the diggers.
The tour package is $3,600 which includes airfare, ground travel, hotel accommodations, fees, breakfast and supper each day (price from SK, AB or BC).
Tour and Archaeological Dig Extension Date: June 8th to July 8th
There are also limited spots available to join the archaeological excavation at Tel Hazor (the biblical city of Hazor mentioned in Joshua 11:10). This season we will be removing the foundations of a building from the 9th century BC and digging into the destruction debris of a 3,300 year old Canaanite palace belonging to the period of the Israelite judges (Judges 4-5). The dig is suitable for anyone in good health and runs for three weeks after the tour (June 19th to July 8th). Cost of the tour and dig: $5,100 ($4,600 for current students or veterans of the dig).
Sign up deadline for the tour Feb 12th (contact as soon as possible for a place on the dig!). Please contact Murray Hiebert for more information or to book your spot ((306) 582-2033 ext 130 or murray@millarcollege.ca).